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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Pittsburgh's Best Raspberry Mocha - Option #5: Affogato

I needed a caffeine boost to power through today's video shoot at Affogato (for Monday's episode of Something to Be Desired, the web sitcom I produce), so I carried the raspberry mocha experiment into the weekend.

The Drink: Victoria, the owner of Affogato, made it up with whipped cream and a chocolate drizzle. She asked if I wanted skim; I said yes. I know, I'm a hoser.

The Price: $3-something (lost track while dispensing scripts and setting up cameras)

The Verdict: Possibly the perfect blend of mocha and raspberry. The chocolate drizzle was a bit oversweet, but that's what it's for. The drink went down smoother than any of the others I've tried yet, without an overpowering lean toward sweetness or coffee flavor. And the leftover chocolate syrup collected in the bottom of the cup for a welcome aftertaste, much like the Goat Mocha but without the espresso spike.

Cafe Observations: I'm here so often, it's all a blur. Must away; there's a film to be seen!


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