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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Pittsburgh's Best Raspberry Mocha - Option #3: Tazza D'Oro

Living within walking distance of the Tazza D'Oro means they'll probably be involved in nearly every taste test I opt to explore in this blog. Such are the benefits of geography. It doesn't hurt that the cafe makes some of the best drinks in town...

The Drink:

Standard raspberry mocha, made with Torani flavor syrup. Whipped cream optional. Chocolate powder atop = classy touch.

The Price: $3.21 for a tall (medium).

The Verdict: This is where individual tastes come to play. Personally, I love the fact that this drink didn't overwhelm me with sweetness. It was more mocha than raspberry, with the syrup used as a hint of aftertaste rather than the spearheading flavor of the experience. In all, this was a wonderfully mellow drink that went down smooth and easy -- almost too easy, as I quickly realized I should have gotten a grande (large). But if you're a fan of big sweetness, the Goat Mocha from Tuesday is probably more your speed.

Cafe Observations: Upholding the European vibe of the cafe, this is one of the few places in town that can be considered "nearly full" and still function without a lot of crowd noise. In fact, despite the presence of at least 10 patrons, two employees and the washing of dishes (all serenaded by Tori Amos), the off-duty barista sitting in one of the easy chairs has been able to nap comfortably before his shift starts -- except for all the times he's been awoken by regular customers who stop by to say hello. One woman even introduced him to her family. You know you're making more of an impression in someone's life than just as a coffee slinger when someone takes the time to introduce you to their family...


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