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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New Digs

There's been a bit of downtime recently as I searched for a new apartment. The old one was in a great section of town (the edge of Squirrel Hill) but the property itself was not an apartment I enjoyed. After looking around for... um, actually about two hours... we found a new place in Highland Park.

"Why Highland Park?" you say. True, it's not very walkable as far as "places we go" are concerned. But the space itself is amazingly large and, all things considered, particularly cost-efficient.

Plus, heat is included. After spending the past winter in an uninsulated garage apartment where the interior temperature routinely dropped below 50 because I refused to run the heat (thanks, Dominion gas prices), free heat was a necessity.

And, perhaps most relevant to this blog: I can now walk to Tazzo D'Oro.

Granted, it closes fairly early (10 PM early in the week), so I'm typing all of this from the Crazy Mocha in South Side Works. But I'll be at Tazzo D'Oro more often once the snows hit and I don't quite feel like driving 20 minutes for my java.

Did I mention heat is included?


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