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Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Last Straw


I looked all around the Crazy Mocha service island and couldn't figure out where the straws were.

"We're out," the barista informed me. "Someone forgot to order them."

Who forgets to order straws when you work in a cafe? Isn't that kind of like forgetting to order napkins or sugar? These are the basic building blocks of your business, no?

Resourcefulness was the order of the day, though: we were advised to use two stirrers instead, and the suggestion was right; they worked about as well as a straw would, PLUS you could suck through different parts of your mouth at once.

Boy, I have a feeling that last sentence will have an impact on my Google click-throughs...

For no reason, here's a bizarrely useful (and brief) history of the drinking straw.


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