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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Donkeys Drink Coffee Too

I was sitting in a cafe recently -- no names, since politics are a personal choice and I don't want to add weight to a dicey conversation -- and I realized, having overheard numerous comments made by the owner / manager, that I do not share many of this person's political views. We're all entitled to our own opinion, and as long as your argument holds up to sound reason, I don't really care enough to disabuse you of your notion, nor do I feel the need to defend my own preferences.

But a funny thing happens when I'm subjected to a person's personal, political or, particularly, theological point of view for long enough: I stop wanting to hear it.

Part of that is my belief that those opinions shouldn't factor into my daily coffee-drinking habits, but another part of it is even more telling: I don't enjoy giving my money to people I strongly disagree with.

(This is probably why I cancelled my subscription to Catholicism.)

So I've migrated to a different cafe for the time being. You could say it's because the seats are more comfortable or the air conditioning is less aggressive. Or, you could chalk it up to me preferring to drink my coffee in blissful anonymity, without having to gut-check my political views between sips of decaf.


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