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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Green Party Revolution

I was walking past the Barnes & Noble en route to the 61C Cafe and was politely stopped by one of two clipboard-wielding volunteers. "Stopped" is actually a stretch; they merely divulged their reason for existence to passersby in a casual tone: "This petition will help the Green Party get on the ballot in November."

Being a big fan of anything other than our current two-party system, and agreeing with nearly everything the Greens stand for, I signed up. Plus, the next page on their petition was blank, so I figured an extra signature would help get the ball rolling.

So now I have pamphleture for Titus North in my bag. I haven't read it yet, but I already know I'd vote for a guy named Titus, so the literature may be a moot point.

From North's website:

"Titus North is an adjunct professor in the University of Pittsburgh's Political Science department. He has worked for the Thomson Corporation since 1989 as a political and financial analyst and currently produces a daily English language digest of the Japanese financial press for Thomson, doing much of the translation himself."

Congress, baby. Congress.

Interestingly, the guy in the Homestar Runner t-shirt in front of me did NOT have time to be bothered with the minutae of politics, and sped pointedly on his way. That kind of attitude gives the Web 2.0 generation a bad name. It's not like the antiquated electoral system is going to change itself, people.


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