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Friday, June 09, 2006

Grant Application Follow-Up

Minor update: the Sprout Fund Seed Award we applied for last month, to buy new equipment for Something to Be Desired?

No dice.

Thus, we sally forth as usual, with no cash and big ideas. Probably better than big cash and no ideas. At least, that's what we tell ourselves...


Incidentally, the aforementioned Asian American Film Festival was a success, with a wide audience appeal and a few sellout shows, which always boosts the egos of those involved with such undertakings. I was barely involved, but even I was happy to see the final day's film -- Water, by Deepa Mehta -- sold out and unfortunate latecomers turned away at the door. Now, if they can get a sell-out show every night at next year's festival, they'll be well on their way.


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