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Friday, January 05, 2007

The Falacy of the Large Cup of Coffee

I've mentioned this before, but I continue to realize it's true: I don't drink (or eat) very quickly.

Traditionally, I'm the last person done at the dinner table. My colleagues will be halfway through dessert before I've even rounded the bend on the main course. It's not because I talk all that much -- though I do talk a lot -- or because I'm slow-moving. It's because I'm slow-digesting.

For some reason, even since I was a child, I was a slow eater. I've realized over the years that I don't enjoy eating qucikly -- the concept honestly never even enters my awareness -- and so my natural speed for consuming a meal is somewhat glacial.

My coffee-drinking habits mimic that.

Unless I'm talking with someone or reading, it doesn't occur to me that there's a drink beside me. I'm too busy typing or thinking to take those nervous habit sips or pause-for-reflection sips that most of my drinking is comprised of. As such, the large coffee sitting beside me sits barely 1/3 empty after more than 2 hours.

Why do I order a large? Is it because I intend to stay for awhile and feel obliged to purchase something that justifies that length? If so, I seriously need to reconsider, because even a small drink can last upwards of 6 hours under my non-watchful eye...


Speaking of which, the bigscreen TV is back at Crazy Mocha in the South Side Works. I know because I'm sitting here glancing at the Bill Cowher resignation press conference. I recall the day Cowher was hired as the Steelers head coach -- more because I was living in Erie, PA, and vaguely paying attention to sports than because I'm a Steelers fan -- and it still seems like only yesterday. To realize it's been 15 years is kind of sobering. What have I done in that time?


- dropped out of high school
- traveled the country
- got my GED
- worked at a college radio station
- graduated from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh
- moved to Phoenix, AZ, and moved back
- survived having my car totalled
- worked for 5 years at a multimedia company
- started a web sitcom
- quit my day job to work for myself
- lived in London for a month
- organized a PodCamp
- purchased and paid off a car (that's still running)
- changed addresses at least 10 times
- lost 1 grandparent to natural causes and another to Alzheimer's
- dated 5 different girls / women
- seen 4 of my close friends (and many more relatives and acquaintances) get married and have children

Maybe it wasn't yesterday after all.

Good luck, Bill.


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