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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Pittsburgh's Best Raspberry Mocha - Option #2: Crazy Mocha (South Side Works)

Yesterday I stopped by the Crazy Mocha in South Side Works for the second of my five raspberry mocha samples this week. I ran out of time to post this update then, so here it is.

The Drink:

The barista (whom I'd never seen before) informed me that a raspberry mocha is called a "Goat Mocha" at Crazy Mocha, as it's one of their signature drinks. It comes with whipped cream and chocolate-covered espresso beans, setting it apart from the pack.

The Price: $3.82

The Verdict:

The Goat Mocha strikes a great balance between raspberry and mocha, with neither side overpowering the other. The flavor shot didn't carry the chemical affectation I've come to dread, and the drink's sweetness wasn't overwhelming. The espresso beans added a nice counterpoint, though I probably should've eaten them one at a time rather than doing what I did, which was allowing them to sink to the bottom and dissolve over time. By the time I reached them, their melting chocolate shells + smoky bitterness were almost too much to handle.


This Goat sets the bar very high for raspberry mochas.


Cafe Observations:

It's getting so I can never tell when it'll be busy at this Crazy Mocha. Yesterday the place was packed and I wound up at a two-seater by the door, which is the last resort for most visitors (when compared to the plush chairs or tables on the raised, insulated platform). College must be back in session...

I also didn't recognize the barista, which made me realize something amusing: I was a regular in this cafe for months, and have since slipped away due to time constraints. For all I know, she could have been working there for months now and I'd never know it, nor would she have any reason to believe I'd ever been in the place before.

Being a "regular" is a matter of perspective...


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