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Friday, January 19, 2007

The Ethics of Cafe Lunches

I'm at the Crazy Mocha in South Side Works (surprising no one), and it's lunch time. My cup of decaf is almost empty, as is my stomach. I'm craving some Qdoba, which is across the street. But, even though the Crazy Mocha baristas have mentioned in the past that they don't particularly care if we bring in food from outside the cafe, I still feel guilty about doing it myself.

Not that I don't. I just feel guilty about it.

Today, the solution is simple: get up, go across the street, eat lunch and come back. But I've been noticing this place filling up quick after noon lately, and I'd lose my excellent seat if I did that. So I'm faced with a quandary: squat in the good seat and bring lunch back, or vacate the premises and take my chances upon my return?

These are the titanic struggles of my daily freelance existence...


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