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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Tweet Tooth

I'm following nearly 200 folks on Twitter. And, even though there's a good amount of Twitter overlap amongst my friends -- i.e., a lot of us show up on each other's lists -- I'm willing to be there are a few folks that I consider to be irreplaceable in my day, but whom you have never met, nor even heard of.

Thus, an idea -- not unlike Blog Day:

Who Are Five People YOU Should Be Following on Twitter?

(NOTE: This list is completely subjective AND meant to suggest those flying under-the-radar, so I won't be including obvious names like Chris Brogan.)

1) Jim Long -- A veteran NBC cameraman who often tweets from the field, Jim takes us behind the scenes of the world news machine. I learned about the VA Tech incident and the President's trip to Iraq from Jim's tweets long before I heard about them on the "news."

2) Scott Simpson -- Quite possibly the funniest man on Twitter. (I won't bore you with the details of his day job, and neither will he.)

3) Locobone -- More pop culture skewering than an episode of MST3K. His blog is quite good, too (but needs to be updated more often *nudge*).

4) Zadi Diaz -- The face of JetSetShow, she also does a great job representing the pulse of the West Coast social media scene. We East Coasters could use more of Zadi.

5) 21st Century Citizen -- Not funny, just practical. If you're even the slightest bit Green -- or would like to be -- these tweets may come in handy. (I know, 2000+ followers isn't exactly "under the radar," but still...)

So... who are YOUR suggestions?

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