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Monday, June 11, 2007

Lifehack Overlap

Here's a great way to "make time" when it seems like you have too much to do at once: overlap.

Since most of us tend to be involved in 20 different projects at once, it stands to reason that there's a good amount of overlap among these projects -- same people, same topics, same resources.

Is there a way you can combine seemingly disparate tasks to accomplish multiple goals at once?

For example: while answering an email just now, I realized I was imparting the same information I'll cover during a presentation I'm giving later this summer. So I copy-and-pasted that email into a new document before sending. Now the emailer has the answers he needs, and I have the outline and talking points for a 40 minute presentation -- AND a blog post! Check, check and check!

The answer isn't always improving the ORDER of how we work -- it's improving the FLOW. And flow almost always means overlap.

How can YOU combine tasks in a new way today?

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  • I'll often paste the same news update into the news for all the sites I'm on that apply, and the newsletters. Cover all the bases at once. So if it applies close enough, one thing can hit up 4 sites and 3 newsletters, and maybe be forwarded to be a news post later on a bigger site.

    By Blogger sirpsychosexy, at 10:18 AM  

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