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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Crosspost: Length Matters 2

Over at the STBD blog, we're trying to decide if our episodes -- which our fans actually wish were LONGER -- should really be SHORTER to attract a wider, time-starved audience.

Help us make a decision!


  • despite what the ladies say, I dont think size matters.

    As a fellow reformed comic book nerd, I would suggest that you may be preaching to the converted. People that know you are already watching/following your work and have already decided if they are going to watch it.

    I think you will see more viewers come on board by doing crossovers with other series, starting spin-offs, special guest stars.. and advertise certain points as good "jumping on points" for new viewers.

    Also maybe try packaging up the seasons as DVD's or something easily comoditizable, and start selling those off as an additional revenue stream. Toss them up on amazon or somewhere similar in order to play the whole "long tail" angle, and maybe reach some new people.

    As much as it comes across as comic-booky, I would suggest that they do it because it works, and try what they have been doing for 75 years :)

    Cant hurt :)

    By Anonymous, at 11:30 PM  

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