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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Who's Your Tour Guide?

For the past year, every time I've mentioned PodCamp Pittsburgh, someone's said, "Oh, yeah. I wish I'd heard about that BEFORE it happened -- I'd have loved to be there."

This year, as I'm inviting people / companies to take part, I'm well aware that the exact same thing is going to happen as last year:

1. People think, "why would I want to attend a social media conference in Pittsburgh?" (This step applies to people IN Pittsburgh, too.)

2. About 200-250 people will attend PCPGH2 over the course of two days.

3. The people who attend PCPGH2 will have a great time.

4. Those people will tell their friends.

5. Every time I mention PodCamp Pittsburgh 2, people will say, "Man, I WISH I'd heard about that beforehand..."

6. I will continue to wonder where people in this city (or anywhere else) get their information from.

The More Maps, The Better

When I was in London, I had three different maps / guidebooks. Each of them offered a different "take" on the city, as well as being practical in different ways (i.e., a pocket map vs. a fully illustrated guidebook vs. a "thrifty traveler" paperback guide). I could have enjoyed myself even with only one of the three, but having them all gave me a wider view of my options.

In Pittsburgh, the recurring argument is that no one ever knows when anything COOL is happening. We have a free City Paper, several event-based websites, bulletin boards in trendy cafes and general word-of-mouth... and yet, when I attend arts or social events, I routinely see the same people at each one.

Either there's only about 200 active people in this city, or we're all getting the same information within our walled gardens.

If someone DOESN'T hear about PodCamp Pittsburgh before Aug 18-19, I'm left to wonder -- where ARE they getting their information?

Why We Should All Be Tour Guides

How often have you really wanted to see a movie, attend a gallery show or check out a new restaurant... but you're afraid to mention it because you suspect your friends won't be interested?

By not mentioning your interest, you're preventing your friends from possibly enjoying something they might never have considered on their own.

Conversely, if I publicly promote an event I'm attending, it has a chance of being heard about by hundreds of people far beyond my immediate reach. That information ripples... but it only ripples if we make that information available.

What are YOU doing this weekend?

Do your friends know?

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  • It must be a PA thing, because we've run into the same thing here, from time to time. Where DO people get their info? How can WE be better at spreading the word? I am exploring all options....


    By Blogger wsh1266, at 7:41 AM  

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