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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

PodCamp Pittsburgh 2: Two Weeks Away!

Actually, it's 16 days away as I type this, but still...

The original PodCamp Pittsburgh was a big hit back in November of 2006. Afterwards, we wanted to host another event as soon as possible, because the momentum was electric... but the next open slot on the PodCamp planning board was August 2007. So we nabbed it.

Now we're hip-deep in juggling speakers, sponsors, giveaways and general logistics -- and we're loving it!

Unlike most conferences, PodCamp is essentially one gigantic 2-day conversation. This means it's a great opportunity to exchange information, meet interesting people and generate new ideas -- but, ultimately, it's about having fun and being social. And if we weren't enjoying the creation of the event, that would set a bad precedent!

Interested in participating? You can get more information, register to attend, and see the ever-updating schedule of sessions (entirely "programmed" BY the attendees, FOR the attendees) here. (Oh, and did I mention: it's FREE?)

And now, back to sending the next 30 emails on my to-do list...

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