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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

What Makes a Social Media "Expert"?

Chris Brogan has just announced he's devoting his next 100 posts to providing social media tips for the rest of us. Chris usually has good ideas and common sense insights, so he should be able to provide a useful lantern for those people still crawling around in the darkness.

Announcements like this do lead me to wonder, though:

What Really Defines Someone as an "Expert" in Social Media?

Consider that social media is a hodge-podge of:

* Content creation across multiple media (text, audio, images)

* Managing interpersonal communication across multiple platforms, and

* Engaging one's audience in meaningful ways...

... it could therefore be argued that "social media" is really just "(the new) basic communication."

Why be Spoon-Fed Common Sense?

There's nothing involved in social media that isn't already obvious to the average person. There's nothing awe-inspiring about aggregating followers, spreading a message or spurring individuals to action. We like to think there is but, truth be told, humans have been doing that since the Stone Age.

And, in that sense: what makes one of us more of an "expert" at communicating than others?

Is it the amount of MONEY a person makes from communicating?

Is it the size of one's LEGION of followers?

Is it the POWER one wields as a by-product of communicating?

A Disclaimer

By the way: this isn't an attack on Chris or anyone else. For example, I consider Chris Brogan to know more about communication than most people. In my estimation, he is a communication expert -- but what numbers validate that claim in black and white?

What are the metrics for being an "expert" at communicating?

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  • I'd measure it in terms of 'influence' and 'attention' - assuming these 2 metrics could be measured at all.

    If I say something to 100 people and 2 do it - and then you say it to the same 100 people and 50 do it... then, you're an 'expert' and I'll learn from you.

    You, in turn, would likely want to learn from the person who gets 75 people to do it, instead of just the 50 you could sway.

    As to what exactly constitutes 'social media', I'm as much in the dark as the next guy - sometimes it seems just about everything online is!

    Nice thought process jumpstarter!

    All success

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:44 AM  

  • Why spoonfeed us common sense? Because common sense isn't all that common. Even those of us who are already on the cluetrain can find something new, or get a gentle nudge from folks like Chris. I daresay he's filling at least part of the niche vacated by Kathy Sierra this past spring, since common sense was definitely her pulpit.

    As for the rest, I have to say that the folks who could probably most benefit from what Chris has to say are probably unaware of his existence. As common as some of this stuff is to the lot of us, we're still speaking Greek to the general population that's currently (just barely) online. Maybe all the more reason why putting 100 posts out there on the subject might make more difference than simply one candle in the dark.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:50 AM  

  • Is it valuable to focus all the energy on deciding who is an expert and who isn't? I'm not convinced it's a super-important question.

    Every industry has "experts" but they're not always right, and even if they are, what they are preachin isn't always right for your situation. There's a lot of editorial filtering in deciding whose advice to take, whom to hire, yadda yadda. Decisions are in the eye of the beholder.

    I kinda like to focus on whether the ideas are useful and effective and helpful. The kid who told the "Emperor" he was naked was no expert, he was just willing to speak up. Just sayin...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:56 AM  

  • Dr. Mani: Influence and attention could be used as metrics, sure - but that's a specific, "CPM" type of influence you're referring to. How do we measure the long-term influence and impact of ideas?

    Amie: Sad but true, common sense isn't common, nor is social media. Being ahead of the curve can be a lonely echo chamber.

    Laura: "What Makes an Expert?" is an "important" question in the context of WHO people allow themselves to be influenced by, and WHY.

    We're still early in the social media evolution, and the people we benight as "experts" by affording them our attention and influence are the ones who will shape the future of this nascent medium.

    Personally, I cringe at the thought of "experts" and "mentors," because I feel that's an excuse to NOT think critically for oneself. (Of course, something from the mouth of an expert SHOULD be critically considered and sniff tested immediately, but instead, lazy minds allow their thinking to be done for them.)

    By Blogger Justin Kownacki, at 12:20 PM  

  • My perceptions of an expert:

    Someone I will seek out for information, help, or advice.

    Someone I will make sacrifices to seek out - financially, travel, etc.

    Someone whose counsel and knowledge I will respect, even if I don't agree with it.

    Whether or not anyone else considers them to be an expert is immaterial to me as a consumer of knowledge. An expert has knowledge that I want, and I will go to lengths to obtain it from them that I would not go to for other people.

    By Blogger Christopher, at 12:42 PM  

  • ""What Makes an Expert?" is an "important" question in the context of WHO people allow themselves to be influenced by, and WHY."

    Justin, Ironically, in disagreeing on this, we totally agree. My point is (as you go on to write) we need to think critically and decide for ourselves who we listen to, not rely on the TERM expert. (Or even wrry too much about who is defining and claiming that term, and how.)

    Even without the term and the determination of expertise, "lazy minds" will find a way to tag along with someone's ideas, and "critical minds" won't even give the shiny "expert" sign and diploma on the door a second look.

    Those who would flock after someone who is wrong just because they are termed expert aren't going to be helped all that much by banishing the term anyhow, IMHO.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:49 PM  

  • Can I just say, I *love* the word 'legion'

    That is all.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:04 PM  

  • By definition, an expert is a skillful practitioner, rather than, say, an observer. The expert has a passion and devotion to his subject and that is the root of his primary motivation.

    Consensus, earning the Benjamins or gathering a large following may be the by-products of being expert. Hopefully, they are not the primary motive of the expert.

    Lastly, the expert is willing to share his expertise; otherwise it is of little value.

    By Blogger Jim Spencer, at 1:57 PM  

  • Justin, my knee-jerk response was what makes someone an expert is how much money they make, like with paying speaking engagements and/or a highly profitable social media themed blog. But as I thought about it more, slowly the knee came down.

    I am not sure expertise can be measured on this because there may be no feedback that can be measured. for example you used Chris Brogan, right. If I am influenced by his words (which I have been) and use what I've learned from him to improve how I use social media which in turn improves how much money I make online & off (because u can market urself via social media offline too, right), how could this be measured in relation to Chris Brogan? unless I tell him, by either direct communication or indirect by leaving footprints just from visiting his blog, he's not going to know and neither would anyone else.

    I think the expertise label is valid when you get people so excited by what you've shared, they are willing to share with you, link you, tell others, all that. I think Chris Brogan has that. Others I think just say they do. I think it's a valid question (because I think if you want to know and discuss something, that's valid) and I think most people looking for social media info will turn to people whose methods actually work.

    By Blogger Trula, at 2:16 PM  

  • A new media expert is someone who can get you to pay for information you could gain for yourself cheaper if you'd just try it. Half of what they tell you today was different 6 months ago and will be different again in 6 months.

    Remember in the earlier 90's in the heyday of the psychic hotlines when there were a bunch of them all competing on "quality"? "We've got the best, certified psychics!" I feel the same way about new media experts. It's all bullshit. The good ones are just better at convincing you their bullshit is higher quality.

    By Blogger Dave, at 5:32 PM  

  • Great post and interesting comments. I often look at that one word in the sidebar of my blog and wonder about removing it. It is one of two things that keep me preoccupied when considering how I speak about myself. To question it is right.

    I look at 'expert' to go closely with ,experience.' I know that one could accrue plenty of experience without achieving expertise (golfers probably accept this). So I know they're not synonymous.

    Have I achieved monetary success? I guess so. I'm paid for my knowledge of social media and technology. And yet, plenty of people are much smarter/better at this than me. I don't measure expertise in money, although it's wise to ask that question, if you're seeking a financial improvement based on my opinions and information.

    The people who matter most to me, online and off, are the ones who keep me honest and attentive to my own perceptions. Thanks for the challenge, Justin. Am I an expert? Maybe I should change my assertion to a question for those who spend time with me to decide.

    I'll let others dwell on that while I work on building ideas for others to consider, or as you said, spoon feeding common sense. Not everything that comes off a spoon is bad. Frosted Mini-Wheats, for instance.

    By Blogger Chris Brogan, at 4:12 AM  

  • I remember 7 years ago, give or take, the Y2K Experts - I found that extremely funny - often wondering how anyone could be an "expert" on a something which has never occurred before.

    I consider myself a technology expert, primarily because of my 26+ years of doing things the "wrong" way, and now using that accumulated knowledge to help predict what the "right" way will be.

    If spoon feeding was an actual measurement, there could never be an "expert" in psychology - a field which I look at as 100% spoon-feeding, and I consider all of the "self-help" books to be 100% spoon-feeding us things which we already know, but in the end, for whatever reason, just hearing or reading what we already know, in another form or format, is what we need in order to "get it".

    Justin, I consider you to be an expert in film production and editing, even if you may not think of yourself that way.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:03 AM  

  • I am an expert in my field. Yet its just a grass field that I am mostly alone in. But I if someone listen to what I have to say about my field then I am the expert at hand. Its your job to figure out if I know what I am talking about, and if I am really the expert.
    Justin you are an expert. Brogan is an expert. I am a gardener.

    By Blogger Mike McAllen, at 8:56 PM  

  • Expert is a word that is over used today ! Sometimes an expert is just some one on the way to the big fault!
    In social media ,there are for example people like Chris Brogan ! Brogan is an excellent communicator ! He writes and thinks, and stimulates his readers to act ! This is the work of an educator ! Holding the interest of a follower has nothing to do with being an expert ! Chris Brogan and Steve Rubel eliminate semantic Jazz ! I would like them to be labeled if that is necessary as Social Wordsmiths !

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:48 AM  

  • My target audience comes to me to solve their social media problems. In their eyes, I'm a social media expert. That's all that matters.

    By Blogger Leesa Barnes, at 4:13 PM  

  • An interesting conversation is going on along these same lines at MarketingProfs in the latest written by BL Ochman.

    In answer to this question of what is an expert, I can offer a brief story.

    I gave a Social Media 101 presentation a few months ago to a client and I was introduced as a social media expert. I immediately stepped in and clarified that I was "experienced," but I was certainly not an expert.

    I wasn't splitting hairs -- they mean entirely different things. An amazing transformation took hold in the room. The attitude shift was palpable. The senior executives went from bored skeptics checking their watch every five minutes to actively engaged participants eager to ask questions.

    Another story:
    I once saw a documentary about the Dalai Lama and he introduced himself as "a simple monk." I'm not the Dalai Lama, of course, but that sense of humility always struck me as gently disarming and warmly affirming.

    I do believe there are those with more experience, and those who do can claim some semblance of expertise. But I know that when I hear someone insinuate him/herself as an expert (or heaven forbid, a 'visionary'), I instantly look for the humble clarification that they are still learning or willing to admit that they could be wrong.

    Sadly, I haven't seen much of that lately from the so-called "experts."

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:27 PM  

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  • Justin,

    What an interesting question. I definitely think influence is a key indicator of an expert. But as I think about it, its not the only indicator.

    I read through the comments and thought, wait a minute... I want to know what you think makes a Social Media expert?

    I would also like to invite you to share your expertise and participate on


    Nelson Bruton

    By Blogger Wakezilla, at 9:58 PM  

  • At this point we're all leaders or followers. You can develop tribes that follow you or you can lead yourself. Nobody can be an expert unless they have multiple, successful initiatives under their belt. And this will take time. At this point, we need more leaders. More discourse. More ideas.

    A few more thoughts here

    By Blogger Uwe Hook, at 11:37 AM  

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  • Good point, Justin! I guess what makes an expert is his extensive knowledge and his influences. But that doesn't mean the things he say are always right and applicable to every situation. In the world of social media, nothing is constant. In fact, social networking development teams are established to keep adding new features and applications. Moreover, majority of social network web designs are crafted to be social friendly. So with continuous innovations in social media, producing an expert can be tricky.

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