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Friday, June 16, 2006

A Whole New Meaning to "Cafe Witness"

I just happened to glance over my shoulder, here in the 61C Cafe -- which, as I mentioned yesterday, is in the Jewish section of town -- and saw a guy walking down the street with a t-shirt and picket-style sign that read (if I glanced accurately), "Be More Jewish: Believe in Jesus." The t-shirt also said something about "Believing in Jesus is Kosher."

What kind of balls (or misguided passion) does it take to walk through a neighborhood predominantly inhabited by people of one faith and call them out on it loudly? Probably not as many as it takes to do that while wearing a suit -- as the Mormons who have been known to patrol these corners, handing out their Book to slow-moving passersby, have established -- but a pretty big set nonetheless.

Is now a good time to mention I'm agnostic?


I've also borne witness to, and even joined in, the "61C Shuffle." This is the name I've given to the act of table-shuffling that goes on among the laptop users here as tables nearer to a power outlet come open and the folks with red battery icons migrate closer to the lifesource.

I sincerely hope we're not all playing Yahoo! Spades in here... SOME of us have serious work to do.


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