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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Leaving on a JetBlue Plane...

Every day, I find another place I SHOULD be going to, for whatever reason.

Today, there's a Network2 shindig in New York.

Next weekend, there's PodCamp NYC.

Just checking my Feedburner stats, I saw an ad for the upcoming Personal Democracy Forum.

And yet, here I sit.

What I need is a travel fund.

$1.61 cup of coffee

I met with STBD uber-fan (and patron) Andrew Smith two weeks ago at ye olde Crazy Mocha in the South Side Works. During the conversation, a useful concept popped up: the emergency JetBlue fund.

Whether you're away from home for work or school, or whether you're in a business (like web media) where you may need to fly somewhere at the drop of a hat, it makes sense to have that emergency travel fund set aside.

Or, in less desperate terms than "emergency," an ongoing, sustainable travel fund.

Think about it: you can get anywhere in this country in one day, and almost anywhere in the world in two. All you need is about $500 (give or take), plus a little extra scratch for hotel rooms (bookmark Priceline), taxis and food.

And, if the reason for at least half your trips is business, you should be able to recoup those costs cyclically.

In my case, it would also help to have extra $ set aside to bring the occasional STBD cast member along for the ride. (After all, I'm not the star the way they are.)

Budget It In

Smart people have budgets. Those budgets automatically include x amount of dollars per paycheck to be allotted to specific "funds" -- rent, groceries, cable bill, credit cards, donations, taxes, alms, etc.

Why not add a travel fund?

That way, whenever a great new opportunity pops up -- especially on short notice -- you won't have to think twice about whether or not you can go; you'll already be there.

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