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Saturday, March 24, 2007

VON Photos and Assorted Mayhem

My VON photos are up on Flickr. (Searching for "von2007" should help you find hundreds more from other attendees as well.)

I have much editing and other "real" work to do, but fear not; I've realized I need to sub-categorize my VON thoughts over the coming days, so I'll be doing it as such:

STBD @ VON (already up)
The Industry Look at VON (coming here soon)
VON from the Podcasters' POV (ditto)
The Seamy Underbelly of VON (ditto)

In the meantime, please note that I'll also be interviewed about both VON and the STBD relaunch during tomorrow night's Geek Riot talkcast with Shawn and Justine @ 10 PM EST. If you're free, call in and join the chat!

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