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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Obama Won't Get You Laid

Now that the afterglow of an Obama election victory has worn off (because in these days of 24-hour news cycles, no emotion lasts for long), the question is this:

"Now what?"

While most of the world waits breathlessly to see whom Obama appoints to his cabinet, what kind of dog his kids will choose for a new pet and which brand of toilet paper he prefers in his executive suite, I'd like to turn your gaze away from the nonstop media roar and toward your nearest reflective surface and ask, again:

"Now what?"

Barack Obama will do some great things while he's in office. He'll also do some incredibly stupid things. He'll make choices that will endear him to some and piss off others, and he'll be involved in matters and actions both great and small.

But one thing he won't do is get you laid.

Because electing Barack Obama is no longer anyone's passion -- he's already elected. Now what do you do with all of the energy and effort that was catalyzed to help this moment occur? What do you do with all of your passion, your newfound interest in politics and your increased awareness of the needs and wants of the world?

What do YOU do?

Because Barack Obama's a busy man. Sure, he's appreciative of all the work you did on his behalf, and he'll do his best to reward you by governing as fairly as his conscience dictates. But he doesn't have much time to return the favor directly, by helping YOU achieve YOUR next goal -- you know, that one on your to-do list, right below the now-scratched-out entry that says "Get My Free Starbucks."


What do you WANT to do?

What do you NEED to do?

Go do it.

Because history will judge Barack Obama, but history's a long way off. In the meantime, you have bills to pay, relationships to tend to, and your own goals to achieve.

And now, after 2 years of wondering, waiting, hoping and working your ass off to help your candidate get elected, it's time to turn that energy back on your own life and solve your own problems. Overcome your own challenges. Move your own mountains.

Because America's first black president is an amazing story, but you've got a story of your own.

Start living it.

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  • This is a pretty good question, what now?

    For so long people have been working either to get Obama elected or to keep him from being elected. Now that he is there, I suspect a letdown of some sort is in order.

    So many people internalized this election like never before. The realization will set in that what we have done is something that has been done 43 times before, a man has been elected president. A job the majority would never want, by the way.

    Now a portion of the country will be let down, a portion will be satisfied, and the largest portion will keep on keeping on, as always.

    Due to the economic troubles, and also the fact that the president is not an all powerful omnipotent ruler, but just another cog in our government's wheel, life will go on.

    Those that work hard and achieve will still work hard. Those that victimize will still victimize. Those that act as victims will still act as victims.

    What is sure not to happen is what the extremes believed. We are not going to be drawn into the mire of a communist nation, and for sure, that lady in the video that claims she won't have to worry about her gas or mortgage anymore will be sorely disappointed.

    Me? I got up and worked on getting my show out. Visited a couple of socnets. Worked in my day job for my boss. And then came home and enjoyed a great evening with my wife. Pretty much what I was doing before the election, and probably what I will be doing for the foreseeable future. I work for a better life, but enjoy where I am at the moment.

    Others should probably get started on the same.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:14 PM  

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

    By Blogger Jason Cable, at 5:05 PM  

  • Let me try this again... Well... I won't keep my mouth shut on issues of great importance to me. Just because there are more pressing issues affecting a greater amount of people doesn't mean that we must stop fighting our fights.

    I can't fix the economy or stop the wars. What I can do is let my elected officials know that we should do these things because of how it is personally affecting us. I will keep an eye on what "the government" is doing. The American people are the modern checks and balances of this out of control, broken, and broke government. Don't just let your feelings be known on election day, but all year long.

    Obama won't get me laid or fix my problems (of getting laid). I'll stay on my podium and keep trying to make people understand how important the equal right of marriage is to the gay and lesbian community and try to inform people who are ignorant on LGBT issues. CNN won't be doing that! I have an aunt that doesn't know what homophobia is. How many more of these people are out there?

    Final thoughts... Never quit your own fights. Support those in government that can make a change for the better. Let those that represent you do their jobs (by telling them HOW to represent you)!

    By Blogger Jason Cable, at 5:12 PM  

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