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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Neverending Finals Week

It seems Crazy Mocha is forever home to someone studying for a test of some kind. All around me, tables are littered with laptops and heavy textbooks of the medical, business, legal or mathematics persuasions. The occasional artist is interspersed for good measure, but by and large, I feel like I'm always eavesdropping on someone's all-nighter.

As a graduate of art school, I'm semi-fascinated by people who actually choose to study these more mathematical subjects. Statutes of Limitations, compounded interest and capillaries must make some people as giddy as a blank piece of paper and a pen once made me (and still tends to make me, when I'm not behind a deadline). In fact, I hope these people ARE that excited; I hope they're here til midnight slaving over their laptops and their cold coffees and their 30-pound textbooks because the thought of NOT being able to know more about physics or physiology makes them feel as though their lives would be less rich.

Because if the only reason they're studying these subjects -- or anyone's studying any subject -- is because they're hoping for a paycheck at the end of the journey, that seems like a waste of time and energy. I'm sure a handful of these folks would be just as happy designing fashion or running a landscaping business for the rest of their lives, but something -- guilt, society, bills, mom and dad -- has them thinking that a more logical career is the way to go. If only they'd realize following their dreams is the only way they'll be happy -- 401K be damned -- I'm betting one or two of them would be studying Flash textbooks or creative writing guides instead of calculus. Not all of them, because I'm sure some of them are as passionate about politics as some others are about pixels; but a few would be creating rather than cramming.

Or maybe they'd be at home, painting or dancing or making movies in their parking garage. Maybe they'd be making something no one else in the world can make, or will make unless they do it themselves. Then we'd really see something with passion behind it.

(And maybe then I could get a seat in the Crazy Mocha balcony...)


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