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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

ShowClix: A Pittsburgh Social Media Startup That Gets It Right?

Yesterday, I met with Lynsie Camuso, one half of the dynamic duo behind recent Pittsburgh-based social media startup ShowClix. But, as I quickly realized (and as Lynsie herself was quick to point out), ShowClix isn't a social media company -- it's a service-based business that uses social media tools. (Or, in other words, they actually have a business plan.)

ShowClix, in a nutshell, is the friendly independent alternative to Ticketmaster. Considering Ticketmaster is one of the most-reviled companies on the planet, ShowClix has an easy story to tell. But just being the "good guy" isn't enough to win an uphill race, so Lynsie and her team are looking for ways to include the community-driven power of social media to help her startup gain an advantage against Ye Olde Behemoth.

For example, ShowClix has created strategic alliances with influential bloggers like Perez Hilton, which help them gain brand name traction among a key demographic: pop culture obsessives who actually *go* to live events.

They also host their own ShowClix blog, "The Shlog", which is part concert announcement board, part entertainment gossip and part personal opinion. (Do I sense a Perez influence in recent posts needling Angelina Jolie and Harrison Ford? Perhaps -- but it's nice to know a blog is written by a human, rather than a press kit, no?)

ShowClix has a relationship with Innovation Works, an investment firm dedicated to revitalizing the "tech economy" in Southwest Pennsylvania by supporting "independent business ideas" (aka concepts not hatched in a CMU think tank). This is an arrangement that's good for both IW and ShowClix, which seems to be wisely plotting their path to credibility AND profitability.

Let's hope this is just the beginning of profitable Pittsburgh web startups. Lord knows we have room for a few more along that ever-expanding "Technology Corridor"...

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  • Thanks for the shout-out, Justin. I appreciate all of the great tips you gave me yesterday and look forward to continuing the conversation.

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  • interesting twist on the ticket scene - seems like lots of companies are trying to be alternatives to ticketmaster! they dont seem to have so many bands using it yet, though, and for actually finding local music I find it easier to use gruvr , they should combine their maps with these tix

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